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2020: The year of abundance


It begins and ends with gratitude.

It requires recognizing the absolute wealth of your present and innumerable potential of your future. It does not limit beliefs, dreams or possibilities. With space, patience and time, it grows to display its impact and reality – this is achieved simply by knowing that it will come.

It will manifest in full force with nothing but beauty and pleasure in its wake. And once abundance is evident, it can only multiply; for in presenting itself to you, you are already focused on and entirely invested in it.

Others will notice its change in your life and become entranced by its clean and energetic vicinity.

The key to patience is observing – without judgement or over analyzation – the present storm and knowing that this too shall pass.

It is the simple act of pausing to smell those roses and delighting in the moment without fear of the future. It is gratitude in and of itself.

It invites grins and laughter and warmth. Patience prepares a clean slate for abundance to take root and paves the way for dreams to become reality.

It welcomes possibility with an open embrace.

The year of 2020 will recognize it and receive it without hesitation. With patience, it will come.

Abundance is around the corner.