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It flickered and glowed and murmured to us; Mesmerizing, tantalizing, synchronizing our thoughts together in those moments that stretched between eventide and starlight. When had the banter and light laughter stopped? It was so peaceful, so calm. As the darkness deepened, night chill set in, and one by one everyone left for the warmth of indoors and bed


Where the Wild Flies Roam


The woodlands are filled with drama. Raven’s dive-bomb grosbeak, chickadees, grackles and jays, Great Horned Owls seek and destroy Northern Flying squirrels and their red cousins, while woodpeckers girdle the bark off of LodgePole pines and spruce trees. Bees buzz, dragonflies dart and flies bite. Even growing vegetables or greens is a conscientious exercise, deer and moose have no qualms about sharing the garden any more than a coyote nabbing your cat…