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Fashion tips

Do the streets of Paris ignite your fashion desires? Do the shops in the silent city of Medina on Gozo peak your curiosity?

May we recommend tip #1

Let your fingers do the walking and new shoes do the trotting. Never let your travel expenses outweigh the cost of a good shopping trip. Close to home are hidden gems. Whether it’s the town down south with the old bookstore and treasures unknown, or the outdoor stores in Inglewood Calgary, there are designers, designs, treasures and trolls to be discovered.

Tip #2

Comfy shoes don’t have nearly the curb appeal of red Hugo Boss stilettos, begging to be let out of the shoebox prison in your closet. But they will take you further, faster, stronger and – believe me – they will even help dictate the deals that you find.

Tip #3

This is yours for me. Tell me the best find in a nook of your city or county. I’ll be waiting, sipping latte and nibbling chocolate brioche at the Vive Le Café, where fresh-pressed almond milk steamed perfect and drizzled into my Americano is life.


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