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Love letter of encouragement

You inevitably realize that your life was already exceptional before particular people came into it. These people come and go, but you are the same, albeit now enriched with experience.

Did your habits change? You can change them again.

Did you discover space for improvement? Utilize that space.

Carry on down the river of life that is ever flowing, always shifting. The current is unpredictable, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy it. Have fun. Free float. Ride the twists and turns, because they build character and add flavour.

This is a beautiful life.

God is crafting something out of this world for you, and from you He requires only patience. But oh – how difficult it can be to sit still. Recall that making mistakes – serious mistakes – is human. Stand back up, brush yourself off and keep on. Recognize the beauty in learning from failing.

Stop glancing at others around you and what they are doing with their lives. This is your one life; fall in love with it and with yourself. You are precious beyond measure. You have talents and gifts and thoughts that no one else had or will ever have. Why do you compare? Does a tulip compare itself to a daisy? We are all unique in this garden of life.

Soak in the sunshine. Pause. Breathe the fresh air.

No matter who might come and go, you have an exquisite opportunity to thrive. No one can hurt your inner world. It is a sacred space for you and God: a connection that provides purpose, peace and an abundance of pleasure.

Life is good, love.

Tomorrow is a new day.