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The Wonder of First Love

A frisson of joy envelopes the rememberies.
Where mystic music and ancient twilights and gentle surf caresses the soul,
fading the footprints of painful recollection and 
sunset gold burnishing smooth the edges of loss, 
was that very first time when your eyes 
                Locked with my soul.
 I met you there, in that twilight. 
 A gaze that turned chance into a tryst wrapped in sanctity 
 cloaking all inhibitions in a perfect imperfection and
 magic like fairy dust writing each moment and the present 
 straining like wild horses to merge with an unwritten future. 
 Every hope and dream seemed content
 like the struggle of life was dying no more
 and the Universe had been foretold and waited 
 for such a time as this to stand still all time
 and breath to birth 
                 The Wonder of First Love.
 Do you remember still? 
 That irreparable moment where emotions collide
 with unbearable magnetism and no apologies
 and time stands stiller than breath
 and life begins and is lived and may die
 in the moments that build with unrelenting passion
 that no force on earth can compete with or interfere in
 and every hope and dream waits in a heartbeat
 for a Happily Ever After in an unforeseeable future
 as two hearts collide in the painful ecstasy 
                 Of merging into one. 
 And even now as the sun comes again 
 Rising on the dreams of tomorrow,
 Is our moment held in the twinkle of Eternity,
 A living legacy whispering to the new leaves
 Reborn from the snow on the trees of our land.
                 Always and forever, I love you. 

By Pleiades, Orion, Arcturus, the Lion,
I will find my way by the path of the Stars.
The circadian heartbeat of the Universe find us
In love - my Love,
 We'll be near
                 When we're far.         
for Gary, the love of my life and 28 years of marriage