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Where Are All The Good Men?

Dear Universe,

To the occupants of planet earth – particularity citizens of Canada – I have a call-out I’d like to make. “Where have all the good men gone?”

I’m giving specifics here. This isn’t about the workout buff, money, or slick-as-pearls lifestyle right now. This summons is for someone with strong, spiritual standards. The God-fearing, Jesus Christ loving, Holy Spirit led guy.

Are you under a log? Where the heck are you? Hanging out in some secret man-cave? Turned into expats? Sorry guys, but we just can’t seem to find you.

I’m talking about beautiful, single women that can’t seem to find men of distinction from the ones washed up in this current cultural splash of entitlement. Can’t distinguish them from the “feel-good, world owes you a good time” guys. If you’re that man, the one with morals and manners, you might be hiding in a club or hanging with any girl but the one you’d actually want to marry, and we can’t see you.

I’m relieved to say I’m not one of those girls. My soulmate turns my head, makes my nostrils flare and is still the love of my life this past 30 years. 

But I know a lot of women with that cry, asking that one question that falls like flower petals.

Dear men, if you’re out there, step into the light. Be Distinct, be Strong, be Godly, be True. And keep your eyes ahead, you are not lost. You’re loved. And needed. God, the One True God, Creator of the Universe, is in your corner. So stay on course, the adventure is just begun…