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Detachment: let go & meet freedom

My friends, it is time to let go of any and all outcomes and to live fully in the present moment.

You see, detachment is an instrumental process in manifestation: ask God earnestly for the desires of your heart and then let them go, knowing that he will bring to your life what he intends in accordance with his divine will.

You will experience utmost peace and clarity.

You will finally be able to release anxiety, fear, sadness, uncertainty.

You will no longer be plagued by indecision and overwhelm.

Relationships will thrive.

Worthiness will soar.

I encourage you to seek detachment particularly from past experiences, both negatives ones like poor choices and positive ones like pleasant times.

Replaying those moments over and over again in your head creates a heaviness on your heart and prevents you from being in the present moment.

Refusing to dwell on past experiences invites freedom and new discoveries, allowing fresh beliefs to form.

Practice mindfulness meditation; become accustomed to relentlessly shifting your mind back to the present.

Be here now.

God has given you ears to hear, eyes to see, and a mind to understand the joy and pleasure found in simply letting go and trusting him to take care of the outcome.