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25 things to do this summer

Although it’s technically only spring (and still winter in Alberta, let’s be honest), we can’t help but feel thrilled with the near promise of summer. Sundresses, sandals and last year’s bottles of sunscreen are already out of storage, and it’s time to slowly but surely swap your go-to smokey eye for berry-stained lips and a sheer glow.

With a new season comes new ambitions. Daydreaming can start now, but you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. That means creating a bucket list, people (to help you keep in touch with your goals).

Of course, we all need a little sunspiration now and then, so, without further ado, here are 25 things to do this summer 2021!

1. Go cliff jumping (here is a fantastic spot in Alberta)

2. Run through water sprinklers on a golf course at dusk

3. Soak in a hot spring

4. Practice yoga in the rain (create your own Vinyasa flow or learn from a YouTube video. We like Yoga with Adriene)

5. Watch the sunrise

6. Camp at Tofino (everyone raves about the Tacofino food truck)

7. Try surfing (there are great waves at Tofino)

8. Host a tiki garden party (tip: tiki torches can be found at the dollar store) 

9. Throw an outdoor, candle-lit dinner party

10. Go roller blading

11. Pack a charcuterie picnic for a hike (herehere, and here are definitely going to work up an appetite. Remember to bring the wine!)

12. Road trip to Vancouver (check out Granville Island)

13. Make your own mead (yes, it can be done)

14. Go for a run with your friends (and wear matching athleisure)

15. Start a collaborative summer playlist with your friends (bonus points if everyone has different tastes in music)

16. Project an outdoor movie

17. Play a game of chess

18. Go horseback riding

19. Go berry picking (we recommend Saskatoon Farm. FYI, Saskatoon berries are very good for you)

20. Discover a local rope swing (this one near Calgary has total Outer Banks vibes)

21. Survive a polar plunge or take a cold-water shower (there are many health benefits)

22. Go canoeing (magical experiences can be found here and here)

23. Recreate your favourite Pinterest outfit

24. Organize a car-washing party

25. Take videos of everything you do (then piece together a fun highlight reel)

There you have it, friends! If you tried any of these ideas, we’d love to hear from you. Cheers to sunny days ahead, and happy adventuring!