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A Bragg Review: The Best Little Wordhouse

Bragg Creek, Alberta is our Gem of the West, choc-o-block with remarkable people, stories, sights, sounds and artistic stimulation. Although Bragg Creek has long been a favorite stop and shop destination resplendent in wilderness views, adventures, good food, and unique shopping, it is remarkable how many folks enjoy the Village before they ‘hit the trails’ just west of the hamlet. This unique Village is stuffed with local artisans wares, clothing and books and gifts and hardware and rocks and jewellery and food and furnishings to catch any taste, any time. 

The Best Little Wordhouse in the West

Imaging the afternoon: cocoa, cookie crumbs and a board-game, and it’s your turn. Playing Scrabble with this old aunt sometimes means deciphering words that make your eyebrows quirk, but she just put down an intriguing one, ‘dulcet’. Aaaah, you think to yourself, as the definition pops into your mind. Satisfying. And then your thoughts drift to a satisfying moment in your recent memories; a favorite bookstore, tucked into a hamlet in wonderland. I need to go back, you find yourself musing.

 Yes, that special shop where shelf-upon-shelf of displays are stacked with every genre of book and collectible you could dream for. Carved boxes and Alpaca blankets, diaries and artisan jewellery, racks of italian clothing and international bags greet you from the entrance to the Little Wordhouse in a pleasing display of ‘feng shui meets eye candy’.

‘The Best Little Wordhouse In The West’ is one of the stores along the boardwalk of the Bragg Creek Mall. Here, a satisfying shopping experience awaits you, perhaps nestled between a mid-morning specialty coffee and late luncheon that develops easily into a full afternoon of browsing along the boardwalk, Heritage Mile and Old West Mall.

So, with a nod to aunties Scrabble board, may your next visit encompass dulcet memories of the locals, merchants and artisans of Bragg Creek, Alberta. Two Thumbs Up to Elizabeth, longtime local and shopkeeper of the Best Little Wordhouse in the Bragg Creek Shopping Mall!