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Embrace change. Thrive on it.

It is essential – to grow, develop character, and achieve goals – that you leave your comfort zone.

Do what makes you a little nervous. Reject the same old habits and start fresh. Activate a new mindset, pursue your passions, and push yourself. Big change doesn’t happen overnight; but little habits, completed daily and with gusto, contribute to great things over time.

It may be uncomfortable at first. It might feel like nothing is happening. Give it time and maintain patience. Smile. Focus on God. Socialize and learn new things. Leave toxic relationships.

If anyone makes you feel unworthy or bad about yourself, move on. Time and energy are precious commodities that should be spent on beautiful things and people in life. You are not heartless for moving on. You are pursuing the path of love, fresh air, and warm sunshine. You are embracing change and trusting in God.

If something isn’t working, do something else.

Have gratitude and see the joy to be experienced in each moment. Life can be so fun and pleasing in God’s eyes. We need only to remove our own obstacles and self-limiting beliefs.

Be mindful and intuitive. Listen to your own needs. Let stress pass like a cloud in the sky; nothing is permanent.

We can only become stronger. So thrive on change and make a difference.