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Three music artists to kickstart your summer playlist

Believe me, I know.

The days have become an endless muddled blend of grey skies and salt stains. It’s too difficult to imagine summer arriving anytime soon, much less above-zero degree temperatures.

During these chilly months, we have discovered some new – and personal favourite – beats.

It’s basic science: Summer sounds not only keep the winter blues at bay, but they also double as great gym soundtracks.

It’s never too early to start building your summer playlist, and you’ll thank us later when you’re designated DJ at the lake.

Here are our five favourite artists to keep your head bobbing!

1. Kygo

Confession: we’ve known about Kygo for several years. When a song has been on repeat one too many times, he releases another and we’re hooked. The 27-year-old Norwegian songwriter is famous for his deep house hybrid sub-genre, “tropical house.”

We recommend: Kygo’s top hits “Stargazing” and “Nothing Left.”

Listen if: you like tropical beats, afternoons on the sand and coconut-cream cocktails.

2. Palmistry

British producer, Benjy Keating, is the magic behind Palmistry’s enchanting pop tunes. Each song is distinct, and the fusion of tranquil vocals with upbeat rhythm is unforgettable.

We recommend: Palmistry’s “Lifted” and “Club Aso.”

Listen if: you like synthesizers, rollerblading down the boardwalk and frothy latte art.

3. Axel Johansson

Danish producer and songwriter, Axel Johansson, has gained recognition for his melancholic EDM pop. His work inspires dancing and reminiscing of summers spent with friends.

We recommend: Axel Johansson’s “One” and “The River.”

Listen if: you like distinct dance vocals, tasteful music festivals and fruity sangria. 

We hope these artists inspire your playlists and generate summer thoughts!

Are you claiming the aux cord on the next road trip?



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